R5-D4 Droid Caller - 1.0

This is my attempt at making a Droid caller for R5. I read about a version made using light sensitive switches, that were installed inside and when pointed at the Astromech, it would emit a squeal {like in the film} and would also deactivate the Droid!

I don't know how far, if at all, I'll be able to go with that, lol,
but for now I'll settle for one hanging off my belt.

I'm going along the lines of the version recognised by most (I hope),
as the one clipped  on Han Solo's belt.

I'm using two sizes of PVC tubing, fitting one inside the other. This was my original idea, which I had to stick with but moddified to incorporate the new top part. I machined up an end cap for the bottom, made from some scrap aluminium in work (half hour). And then machined up a top piece (hour turning time) & A brass pin to go inside it.
I drew up some plan's on how to fix it all together.

droid caller - Han Solo style

I already bought a suitable momentary push button from eBay.
And I've also looked for a buzzer to be fitted to activate on the button being pressed.
And found some other metal fittings for the other 'buttons'.

Work so far.
Droid CallerDroid Caller

Droid Caller

[The top piece I've made shorter]

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