Centre foot ankle securing.......at last!

I've posted before about my centre leg to foot issues. I was going to secure with a angle bracket, but I wasn't able to install as the foot shell tops broke


So last thursday was make or break day! With the foot shell off I tried to tighten the ankle bolt enough to clamp the ankle. But this didn't work.

I should of:
1. Thread tapped the opposite angle. Therefore no nut required. But then possible thread shearing due to min material on the angle brackets (??)
2. Welded the nut in place. Still a possibility.
3. Add a locking stud to prevent the nut from turning.

I'd gone for option 3 at this late stage. But due to the hole size, the nut was able to move over and still turn.

So I decided that pinning the ankle to the two metal angles, was the only option!
I marked a length, removed and cut. I then had lots of fun, trying to RE-fit it once foot shell was back on! But it's on and it held :)

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