Braided Hose's set No.2

With everything else I'd forgotten about my second set of Braided Hose's. I'd test fitted the securing screw into the hose ends to keep them in place in the Knurled Hose Fittings and then put them away in a storage box. So here they are masked up and ready for 'Brass' spraying.

Brass????? ....................Yes, brass.
Technically they should be a 'copper' colour, but I liked the colour and it will help to be one of the 'key items' to look out for when people see an R5 in picture on the internet lol.

R5-D4 Braided Hose

And sprayed up.

R5-D4 Braided Hose
The camera flash make's it look like the ends haven't been sprayed, but they have.
I then clear coated the hose and the Knurled end fittings.

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