Body Skin 5.3 - White & Silver

So here is the final painting stage of R5's body.
Primer applied, left a day before lightly sanded.
Next came the white spray paint, using Plasti-Kote Satin White. Re-positioned mask off area before spraying up. Underside of body also needed touching up with white.

Wasn't 100% happy with the surface of the recessed panel, so after more sanding, I applied some more wood filler to smooth the surface. Once dried, this was re-sanded.

Then I re-re-masked off the body, this time along the edges of the front panel and Octagon Port. And sprayed white, one last time. Not the best pic.
Next I masked off the vents to be sprayed up with Plasti-Kote Silver.
R5-D4R5- D4

R5-D4 vents
Half hour later, silver vents complete......well, till I fit the grills.

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