Body Skin 4.9 - Rear Pocket Vent build

Friday night I got some more work done on the last three panels & vents.

I finished off recessing the long rear panel. This took almost half an hour! Then a sanding all over the exposed wood, to flatten the now exposed fibres.

Rear Pocket Vent
As I already had the pocket hole, I used a piece of cardboard and inserted it through the opening. I then used a pencil to mark the curve of the skin on the inside. This was then transferred onto some hardboard and lengths extended to allow for the internal pocket walls to be fitted.

I then cut out two pieces the same, top and bottom, here they are glued together.
R2D2 Rear Pocket Vent
Next came the side pieces.
R2D2 Rear Pocket Vent
Applied watered down PVA glue on all the cut wood.
Ok, so here are the vertical slots in the Vent, being cut out. I've used a combination of Stanley knife Dremel.
R2D2 rear pocket vent

R2D2 rear pocket vent
Just one more slot to cut out tomorrow.

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