New Project....? - A Clear Dome R3-T6

Since borrowing Ian's R3 Clear Dome, at Corsham earlier this year.
I thought how cool it would be to own one so R5 could be converted, slightly into R3-T6.
This droid was seen very briefly in 'A New Hope' on the Death Star.

R3-T6 Astromech Droid

R3-T6 Astromech Droid

The main differences between R5-D4 & R3-T6
are the Large Data Port & Centre Vent surround being red, not blue.
And his panels on his rear. These can be red vinyl stickers.
R3-T6 Astromech Droid
Oh and their Domes, of course.

Here's my R5 at Corsham earlier this year with Ian's Clear Dome.
R5-D4, R3-T6 Droids

So watch this space....... :-)

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