Yeah, it doesn't quite have the save ring to it as 'Avengers Assemble', lol.

Anyhow..... after I'd fitted the first Front Vent. I then started to rebuild R5.

I found that three of the t-nuts that were inside the legs had been pushed out. Luckily not enough to loses them and using washer and nut threaded the studding in and pulled them back into the leg. Must keep an eye on fitting these in future!! So one leg bolted, booster cover, leg strut, horseshoe and hub fitted. Next, the foot. Not the battery box as R5 is sitting on his skirt (centre foot removed) and there's not enough space, due to the stool he's on. Then on with leg No.2, with still un-completed Foot Shell.

I need to get the cone on the Dome finished off this week so I can possible spray him up ???

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