R5-D4's Head 3.9 - Red pin stripes on Dome.

Bought second tin of P38 body filler and carried on where I left of lol..... So after more filler, sanding, filler and more sanding, the top of R5's head is really starting to take shape.

After fitting the lights last night, it was late, but just wanted to try out the red pin stripe tape I'd bought.

Am so so about how it looks......

For now it will do, but am definatly going to attempt to mask off and spray lines up. The reason for this is two fold.

  1. The colour doesn't match the Red already on the body.
  2. There are gaps between the join lines of the tape.
  3. The lines are raised slightly because they are 'stuck on'.
Hahahahaha, yes, I know I said TWO points, but the third one had to go on the list ;)

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