Horseshoe No2 takes a bit more shape

This work I did last month, but forgot to post to Blog.

So I finished glueing the two sections together, then glued in the dowels to locate the horseshoe to the leg. Next wood filler was applied all over the join lines.

R5D4 Shoulder Horseshoe

Then light sanding and a bit more filler.

Next was drilling holes. I marked the position of the shoulder Buttons [these fit in the square sockets] and also the Hydraulic Unit. The top Button has to be angled slightly, as per the plans, but also for screen accuracy :). So a small strip on hardboard was trimmed and glued in place at the bottom edge of the socket. Although this wont be seen, I'll apply wood filler to blend it in.

R5D4 Shoulder Horseshoe
Here you see the Horseshoe with it's first coat of primer. Still a bit to do tho. But need to get the Dome finished.

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