R5-D4's Head 3.6 - Bad Motivator work......

R5D4 Bad Motivator

Found M12 studding, nuts and suitable washers.

The studding fits up and through the middle of the Motivator, with the mesh removed, a washer and nut are fitted in place.

Cut off lower section of the Motivator, as how it is to be mounted, it would of protruded to much out of the Dome. Once I'd measured how long I needed the studding to be, it to was cut to length.

Drilled out a plate of aluminium [work scrap piece] and this will be screwed to the inside of the dome. The M12 studding will then bolt to this, making it [hopefully] extremly secure, against little hands trying to grab it!

Eventually I hope to make the Motivator able to 'POP-UP' like in the film, but for now, it will be fixed in place, semi protruding, out of R5's head.

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