Another mini project 1.3 - TCD

So I have now named this project 'TCD' lol.

Monday I started to design up a 'box' to put the electronics in for ease. This was drawn up in AutoCAD Inventor. In my last post regarding switch relays, it had given me an idea on how this could also apply to this project.

'switch' - update:
I printed a lower plate that the switch could fit into. I wired a switch to activate an LED when the pressure was released.But the pressure required to keep the switch down wasn't achievable, so I'll have to think of another position to locate a switch.
TCD project

Back to the electronics box:
After a few redesigns and only a few actual test 3D prints, I'm really happy with the finished box. Here's my instagram post picture.
TCD project, electronics box, 3d printed
Really please that the two clips I designed actually work [on my second test print lol]. It's the fine tuning of the sizes, plus here, minus there so that the tolerances fit when they come together.

Ultimaker Cura image on the printer plate
TCD project - Ultimaker Cura

And here's the soldering up of the components that will fit inside it.
TCD projects, electronics
This version is for my first attempt, but this could be customised to by controlled by other methods. In the above picture, you have the 'remote control' [bottom left], a 'timer relay' [top orange box] and a 'micro voltage regulator' [right]. Not shown in this picture will be an LED to indicate power. At some point I want to fit another [probably a remote LED] to indicate via the micro switch.


Sounds for Droids - 2019 upgrade 1.0

How to build a sound module that can be triggered by a remote control transmitter.

The 12 channel remotes for controlling my R5’s sounds have, to my knowledge, never worked properly.
Think I’ve had three over the years plus the circuit board version that wasn’t what I thought it was, so was never used.

Holding the controller and the transmitter at the same time whilst trying to not draw attention to ones self at events (for the kids benefit of keeping the experience real) can be a bit of a handful.

I was all ready to bit the bullet and buy another one as my current sound setup has died. When Lee Towersey posted up a way to trigger sound directly from your transmitter switches using a relay!

I only have one three way switch available although I could possibly upgrade an ‘on/off’ switch to be able to operate more sounds as mentioned in Lee’s video.

So I’ve ordered one duel relay to test out. Checkout Lee's channel for the links also to the relay.

Next is to get a new sound board.


Another mini project 1.2

So to date I have printed of a few different component versions, trying to iron out bits and pieces. As I typed this yesterday afternoon, the 3D printer is printing three new upgrade parts after another weekend of testing, thoughts and ideas.

Pack 1 of o'rings came yesterday and the results looked promising when tested.
Pack 2 of o'ring should be here this weekend (though I think it’s the wrong size) along with the mini magnets and hopefully anything else I've ordered lol.

Mini magnets & a spare servo arrived. Can’t get over how small these magnets are!

I had the idea of adding a micro switch and LED for indication purposes, so this went into the upgrades that are being printed. Results: worked in principle but not enough force to activate it, so a reposition will be needed.

Due to testing and time, these prints are only at 0.2 layer height, so save on print time and so I can take them home to work on them lol.


Another mini project 1.1

Been revising and improving this project on CAD and 3D test printing components for fit.
I’ve already moved on from gear motors to a modified micro servo. Am still waiting on components to arrive from China etc these should hopefully arrive in the next week or so.

Found these micro magnets on eBay that I just had to get them to try out. 1mm diameter x 1mm length!!

Been working on the electronics and have this almost sorted. Found out a few things and am waiting on delivery of some replacement valve pots for one of the boards.

Next up is a new ‘wheel’ to be designed, possibly one with an o'ring to fit on.

'Droid Builders UK' a new central builders hub

A new central builders site for Droids has just gone live!
It's for all droid builders from Mouse to the new D-O from the new film
The Rise of Skywalker

With a lot of builders who have now become cross over builders in similar groups, the site aims to link all up together as a central point for news and info. It has links to the Facebook pages for the droid groups and also events being attended.

There is also a Twitter & Instagram account



Event: Birmingham MCM Comic Con November 2019

The club attended again both days at Birmingham's NEC, with the usual great turnout of droids. I wasn’t able to attend this time unfortunately, due to family priorities.

Check out the social media’s for some of these hashtags: #ukr2d2buildersclub #r2builders #mcm2019
As well as the clubs Facebook page for pictures of the droids from the event.

There's also be a video on Comic Con News' You Tube channel, featuring the club....here.


Another mini project 1.0

This project is inspired my Mike F. originally from way back in 2016, when he brought this project he had made along to the screening of the Rogue One event at Milton Keynes cinema. I’ve always wanted to have a go at making one, but the ability and accessibility of a 3D printer was not an option at the time.

Recently I’ve seen these being offered for sale, but the price isn’t something I can justify, especially when I can design, print & build one myself lol. So decided now was the time to have a go.

I’m already on main body version no.2 lol and have been digging around in my storage boxes for items I have that may be of use. I’ve also ordered some springs which will be here in a few weeks.

I've also been on ebay looking for other components....more in a few weeks.