December updates......Rogue One

Not posted up for a while, been busy working on and re-working Jessika Pava helmet.

Jessika Pava Helmet
It definitely needed to be smaller, which I posted up a while back, so have been re-working the size, fibreglassing, body fillering, sanding re filling ....repeat. The next plan is to go the cast route which I've been reading up on. You tube to the rescue lol, as i think this would be best. Wouldn't want anything to happen to the helmet and it be damaged.

Due to work issues, internet access has been restricted, and this was the only available free time I could update this blog, it will have to wait now till the new year.

Rogue One
WOW!!! I took the wife and kids to see the film on the Thursday (here in the UK) and we weren't disappointed!! It had everything a 'war' film should have plus it was Star Wars lol.
A lot of people have moaned about changes made, but personally i felt the film flowed and the continuity flowed though out. No spoilers, ill just say I wasn't disappointed and the kids enjoyed it too, which if kids get it, why can't adults ??? Lol.

Friday, was an early start and a long'ish drive to Milton Keynes, to meet up with fellow UK R2 Builders and Joker Squad. We were attending the iMax cinema's Rogue One day. Was great to catch up with everyone and raise cash for charity.
Will add updates and photos in the New Year.

There's another builders group day after Christmas to look forward too as well.

So for now, I'd like to wish everyone who follows this blog & has visited here a happy & Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Lots of good things to look forward to in 2017, so stay positive people :)

Im now on instagram also on Twitter and Facebook lol.