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St. Mary's - Summer Fair 2013

So saturday, R5 made his 1st local (2nd public) event at my children's Summer Fair.

I think I can say that kids thought he was great lol. Even tho some were reminded not to touch, this seemed to fall on deaf ears, good job R5 is pretty sturdy, tho in my absence, when I was being a stormtrooper, my youngest TOLD her school friends, 'hands off he's [R5's] my daddys'! Lol, good girl.

I was surprised at how many dads were interested to know how he was built even one mum did too :) and when I actually had the time to build him! The popular question from everyone was of course, 'does he move?' lol. This will be the next phase of this build, saving funds is now in progress. Then, when the Dad's were told he's made out of wood, i think they were suitably impressed too :D.

He had a few photo's taken with his new school friends [pictures taken by kids parents, not by me].

He came away fairly un-damaged, i knew the utility arms & the 2nd unfinished foot shell [has now lower section] were potential weak points & sure enough the lower Utility arm pivot pin location came loose. Well it was only PVA glued in place and is fixable. The dome gained a few 'battle damage scars'..... in the form of face paint lol but again, nothing that can't be fixed. All in all, id say he stud up to the assault... I mean fair really well :).


R5-D4's Head 3.4 - silver tape applied

I was originally planning on spraying the silver dome band. But thought I'd give the silver tape a second chance lol. My last go at using the tape on the leg spacer discs didn't end well.

I first wrapped the tape around and cut to length. Then applied, peeling the backing tape a bit at a time. I then trimmed the width and stuck the excess under the edge. I then used a cloth to smooth any bumps & creases out.

Then I fitted all the dome components back on.



All ready for tomorrows appearance at my children's school summer fair :)


R5-D4's Head 3.3 - neck detail 50% completed

The last two strips lengths were cut, watered down PVA glue applied to them, then strapped in place to dry in shape, later to be glued in place.
R5-D4 neck detail
Here is one of the strips once it had dried and strap holding it in place had been removed.
Cut a scrap piece of wood, marked position of domes cross beams, and screwed into place. This is a temp thing for the summer fair event. The stop will allow the dome to rotate about 30 degrees either side of dead centre. This will keep his head central and stop anyone from spinning it 360 degrees. I also added some rubber [not shown in pic] to the ends of the stop to act as bump stops. Help to take any harsh knocks from over enthusiastic rotation of the dome ;D.
Dome rotation stop
Trimmed to length and glued into place all the neck vertical details & then filled in gaps with wood filler. Once dried, Sanded all over. Next was primer all over. A light Sanding to flatten, then came the white. You should know by now I can't help myself, R5's dome components were fitted for effect lol.

R5-D4 Jawa Sandcrawler
Jawa Sandcrawler pose ;D
And here's his dome in first few coats of white.

A few more coats of white for the dome required
Wired in a push button switch between battery & the light for R5's lower eye. Hot glued velcro to battery & upper face of cross beam of dome to hold battery pack in position [temp position].