Outer Foot No.2 - 1.1 Build starts

Bought some more car body resin at the weekend and last night started to bond the second Outer Foot shell together.

I have the other end to bond next. And I also have the other side piece details cut out from when I made the first Outer foot, so this should help speed up the build process.

Knurled fittings for Battery Box Hose's - 1:1

I've bought a set of Knurled hose fittings off e-bay from Don Jarr. This will save me some time rather than make a set. Available access to a free lathe in work has been limited, due to them being used for work :-( lol :-D

So here they are after I did a bit of filling of holes etc.

Drilled and pinned & using Araldite to complete the bond, the two parts of the Battery Harness straps, together. Test fitted here in the pic.


Braided Hose - the making of :D

Yesterday when I got home my 'copper braid' had arrived..... well the computer cable it insulated did lol. Following the idea from a fellow builder Astromecheadaches . I carefully cut the plastic tubing along it's length and then removed the cables. I then cut it to length 304.8mm and then taped it up and fed it back through the copper hose. The tape is to stop the tube from catching on the copper braid......which on my first attempt it did!

The hose was just the right length. The diameter isn't 12mm (1/2") but its a small price to pay.
Just need to buy 3 more!


Battery Box No.1 - 1.6 - Battery Straps

Cut & glued on 3 angles & front strip in-fill. Then cut out front raised 'blue' pieces 4 off, filed angles.Applied watered down PVA glue to seal. This piece will be glued on once painted [this is the flat piece that's just resting on the battery strap in the picture below]. Cut & glued in place 2nd lower piece. Then started on top pivot pieces, 1 done.
A bit of Sanding & applying of wood filler.

This picture shows one 'mock-up' of battery harness strap :)


Outer Foot No.2 - 1.0 Small update

Outer Foot No2.
Started to cut out the second foot shell pieces.

And also the internal pieces I'll be using to make the temp. foot stand.

Battery Box No.1 - 1.5 - Battery Straps

Started making the battery straps on Saturday. Started on just the two then thought I might as well make all four up at the same time. So after working out HOW I was going to make them, I started by cutting up four lengths. I then cut some 3mm thick hardboard to size for the top 'box' section. These were glued in place with PVA glue to the sides [pic below, two on the far right]. Next came the side angled pieces.
These were angle cut then the backs were filed to an angled point.

The front was then filled in with another 3mm piece of hardboard, before wood filler was applied all over to make level [the two on the left of pic].

I only had time to make a start on one of the bottom pieces [far left of pic].
So far, it's not looking to bad :)
R2D2 Battery Box Straps


Braided Hose

Of all the bits to find, make or buy...... these are as hard to find as.......well........copper braided hose! lol. There are 'part runs' but alas, are out of my budget. So next we turn to the alternative's.

If you look hard enough, you can find stainless steel braided hose. And we are not talking about your shower type hose either lol :D. These would obviously have to be painted to suit.

Then a fellow builder Astromecheadaches found these and with a bit of modification, made himself a set of hose's. I have been looking at these, below.
click image to go to ebay page