......MERRY CHRISTMAS 2012.......

To all those reading my R5 Build Blog,
I would like to send you Seasons Greatings from me &......
BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP is R5 saying Ho, Ho, Ho

a Merry Christmas from R5


Outer Feet 1.0 - C.A.D. design work

Been meaning to do this for a while, just not had the free time. I drew up the Centre Foot in Inventor 3D, it's a Computer Aided Design program.
This is because the plans are dimensioned as if you were measuring a completed object and not how they should be, which, is as if each piece was dimensioned as an individual component.
I made this mistake when following the plans to make the Centre Foot! So I drew up the centre foot to compare these dimensions to that of my own, then I drew up the Outer foot so that these will be built to a similar size/scale to the Centre Foot.
Most builders probably don't have this issue as they buy the foot sheel's pre-moulded.But for us building from scratch builders, it's not very helpfull :)
3D Inventor image of Outer Foot shell

Main Leg 2 - 2.4 - Ankle work [bracelet & wedge]

I marked out the curve section needed on the two blocks I'll be using to make up the ankle. I also marked where I need to drill counter sunk holes to fix them to the leg.
Image is from first Leg build

Did this then screwed them on. Next I used my trusty saw to cut chunks off to shape. Then I used a file to smooth over. I then used dowel cut to length to plug the screw holes. The next step was to apply wood filler all over and sand all over....again.
Image is from first Leg build

Had a 'lost item' moment last night. I couldn't find my Ankle Cylinder Holder ????? I'd taken it out of the storage tin to remind myself what needed to be done, if anything, to it. Then........it was gone!?!?! I'd had a bit of a tidy up to make some space and yes, you guessed it, it had fallen into my box of off-cuts! Phew....... :D

Ankle Braclet:
Marked out the Ankle Bracelet for the 2nd leg & cut it out. Then measured my leg and cut the inside of the Ankle Bracelet to fit it. I then marked up and drilled a location hole for the Leg Strut to fit into. Next up I applied watered down PVA glue all over and allowed this to soak in and dry. This hardens the wood and seals the cut edges, which stops the spray paint from being absorbed into the wood and gives a better finish.
Image is from first Leg build. Wood filler to underside of bracelet

I then applied wood filler to the underside of the Ankle Bracelet, that may be visable to anyone on all fours looking up underneath R5, lol. This will smooth over the textured underside of the hardboard :). I then fitted the Booster Strut in place and secured the support angle with a screw. The bottom of the strut fitted into the hole in the Ankle Bracelet. Some wood filler was applied to the gap between the bracelet and the lower ankle area.

Ankle Wedge:
Cut out a piece of 3mm hardboard to make the ankle wedge front panel. I angled the back faces to fit flush up against the angle face of the ankle and the curved part of the cylinder. Next I applied masking tape all over the cylinder & angled face of the ankle and applied p40 resin to fill the gap & build the sides. Once dried, this new piece came away easily and was then ready for trimming of the excess P40 resin and then filling any gaps with wood filler. Once all this was dried, I drilled and screwed the new Ankle Wedge and also the Cylinder holder onto the Ankle Cylinder. Once painted, these become a one piece item which is then held on the leg via the fixing method mentioned in prev post.
Image is from previous wedge build. This image shows sides and P40 resin.
For the last wedge, I didn't use sides.
The weather has been very cold, so build time has been limited, hence lack of photos. I will take some up-to-date ones soon.