R5 doesn't have a Leg (bolt) to stand on.......

Sorry about the header, it was late and the best I could think of to do with leg :-)

After not being able to source M10 T-nuts in either B&Q or Wicks, I did pick up some M10 nuts and washers and two lengths of M10 studding. I did find the T-nuts found on e-bay. I also bought a dremel router adaptor which came with 3 bits and saved myself a few pounds over the 'shop' price.

These are great for 'clamping' wood together.

Today, I measured the distance required from the inside side wall face to the front of the shoulder disc[silver]. I then addded on extra for the depth required for the leg, 18mm thickness. So looking at about 120mm length of studding. Including enough for nut and washer, seen on the left end of the stud.


Busy, busy, busy........ but no work on R5.....

Life has been keeping me busy of late. Building a Ghostbuster Proton pack for my son ready for Halloween, preping my Armour for a 'special guest' visit to his school disco. As well as work, college, my son's birthday and all the other evening/weekend activities, I've not had any time to work on R5. He's just sat there in the garage, haunting me every time I go in there lol.

I have been looking on-line and reading up on batteries and what configurations to use. 12v parallel and series, how to charge them up etc. All very interesting stuff, so not completely doing nothing :-)

Hopefully I'll be able to get on with building him soon.


Centre Leg - white paint job

Friday I sprayed up the centre leg with a few layers of white paint. Looks good. I'll spray with the clear coat, once all the work on the wedge detail has been done.

And here it is with it's Ankle Cylinders fitted. No wedges yet or ankle/foot bolt hole drilled.

Oh and I sprayed up R5's skirt, just in the picture


Ankle Cylinders fitted to Centre Leg

Marked the positions on the centre leg for where I would need to drill holes for the fixing dowels in the cylinders to fit into. Due to a screw on one side, the holes weren't going to be symmetrical, but that doesn't matter.

These were a snug fit, so tested them out of the cylinder. I then removed the dowel/semi-circle fittings and re-fitted them into the cylinders, and test fitted it back on the centre leg.

same side as above, different angle
These are not glued in yet, as still have to make up the wedge's and also spray centre leg white.

Spraying up stuff

Well, it wouldn't last long before I HAD to do some work on R5 :-D

Bought some white and clear spray paint the other weekend, well I was getting some matt black spray for the Proton Pack build, so thought two birds with one stone.

Finished off wood filler and sanding and grey primering and silver spraying of the Cylinders...... and then got on with the clear spray finish.

Sprayed up both Ankle cylinders made so far, the front Wedge plates made so far and the four Ankle Details.
And am happy to say, I am well pleased with the results :-)

Look at the shine on them Cylinders lol

The rear of my Ankle Cylinders, dowel's to fit into Centre Leg
More work has been done, just need to post up, cylinders to centre leg next.....