Plastic Tube for Ankle Cylinders

Picked up some plastic tube that I'll make R5's ankle cylinders out of. Plenty will be left over for any other ideas I might have.

Ankle Cylinders part 2

Decided that rather than try machining the ankle cylinders in aluminium, as it would be a bit to time consuming, is going to make them out of Plastic tube, with aluminium end fittings ;-).

Going to follow this idea: http://www.strawson.freeuk.com/droid/build04.htm

Awesome build!!


Ankle Cylinder

Started machining up the first of the four, Ankle Cylinder this lunchtime. Again, spent most of it turning down the larger than needed diameter lol...... why am I laughing ???

Well, I finished machining the first part of the cylinder. Counter bored the ends and put the grooves in. The intension is to drill all the way through, so save on weight. But as it is at the moment, it weighs 348grams. Which might not sound much but x 4 off, then add on the ends.......

I'll finish off this one, ends and all, and see how much it weighs once complete.

R5's Head frame, Ankle Cylinder's, Motivator and Braided Hose.....

Looked to day at how to construct R5's head. There are loads of ideas from Aluminium spun to Styrene constructions. Not 100% sure my route, but thought I'd start planning it out. Found an idea to create a skeleton frame that the outside walls would wrap around. As this project is going to be budget orientated, it looks like a sound idea.

Converted imperial dims to metric for the Ankle Cylinders today. Looked at what material to make them from. Plastic tube with plywood ends or aluminium ones. Or just make them all out of aluminium bar, from the scrap bin in work ??? I think I'll go with this as I feel then like I'm doing something instead of just 'thinking' what to do next lol.

Have also been thinking about R5's 'bad motivator'. Searching for pics info on what it looks like, but both are very limited.....

Also found some Braided Hose in a Wickes catalogue. These might just be suitable, but will have to see them in the flesh first.



Not being able to use the lathe, and lack of suitable size 'scrap' material. Have been searching for material cost for Aluminium / Foam board for 'skins' & Plywood for the frame.

For Aluminium I found Clickmetal @     http://www.clickmetal.co.uk/
And for Foam board I found The Plastic People @    http://www.theplasticpeople.co.uk/index.php?osCsid=b787df15fb3a07af128e472edabc5ee2

Plywood will probably be sourced from B&Q [UK DIY store].


Rear Dome Rod

Started machining up the rear dome rod, or I will do once I can find some more material that's not three times the diameter I need!!


Dome Side Rods x2

Just finished machining up the second Side Dome Rod. The straight knurl looks better than on my first attempt, but well just say that's it's like that due to wear! lol


Dome Side Rod, picture update.....

There will be two of these. Due to material available, I had to make it in two parts. This actually made making it easier.
Side Dome Rod
Just need to finish the top half of the second Rod.


Photo's of work so far.....

As promised, here's work done so far:

Shoulder Buttons, (4 off)

I had to make this in sections, the bolt will help secure from below.

The finished Antenna
The front 'sensor' is a push fit into the lower body section.
All made in several of my lunchtimes lol.


It has begun

After doing my research on R5, joining forum's and group's I have got enough info to get started on building my R5-D4. Or should that be, my Son's R5 :-).

Check out the links to these and others I've found, top right of this page.

Haveing easy access to a lathe and other engineering equipment, I started machining up aluminium components that will be fitted to the Dome and Shoulder's. Pics to follow.
Am also pretty good working with wood and plastic etc.